Monday, March 23, 2009

The Tell was always "proper tire inflation"

It is humorous to see even the liberal media questioning the intellect and competence of their candidate. It has been obvious to me since Obama's claim that "proper tire inflation" could replace offshore drilling, he is an imbecile. He had a chance to say he was exaggerating or had made a mistake but for the next ten days he continued to stump for "proper tire inflation" as part of some grand energy policy. Its even funnier to see liberal masters of the universe like Buffett and Grove grumbling about how this isn't the Obama they voted for. If you listened to the media this isn't the Obama you voted for but if you did just a little investigating you find this is exactly the guy you voted for. He cant operate without a someone telling him what to say or reading from a teleprompter. He has little or no knowledge of US history,World history,or economics. His only job prior to being a Senator was as a community organizer, a person who spends most of his time facilitating payments from those who produce to those who don't and handing out beer and smokes to anyone who will vote Democrat.
What did the Republican candidate do when Obama offered up this boneheaded tire inflation plan? McCain ever the moron,agreed with him! Any candidate with a ounce of common sense could have destroyed Obama with the tire inflation gaffe,but McCain as usual put his finger to the wind and jumped on the Titanic.
So when you wonder why any President in his right mind would give the PM of England a Blockbuster set of DVDs,that don't even work on Great Britain TVs, or why he cant seem to talk without a teleprompter,or why he would make fun of the handicapped,or compare US corps to terrorists, or laugh at the huge losses people have taken in the market,never forget Proper Tire Inflation as an Energy Policy,and the media lapped it all up and defended the idiocy.

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