Monday, March 23, 2009

The Tell was always "proper tire inflation"

It is humorous to see even the liberal media questioning the intellect and competence of their candidate. It has been obvious to me since Obama's claim that "proper tire inflation" could replace offshore drilling, he is an imbecile. He had a chance to say he was exaggerating or had made a mistake but for the next ten days he continued to stump for "proper tire inflation" as part of some grand energy policy. Its even funnier to see liberal masters of the universe like Buffett and Grove grumbling about how this isn't the Obama they voted for. If you listened to the media this isn't the Obama you voted for but if you did just a little investigating you find this is exactly the guy you voted for. He cant operate without a someone telling him what to say or reading from a teleprompter. He has little or no knowledge of US history,World history,or economics. His only job prior to being a Senator was as a community organizer, a person who spends most of his time facilitating payments from those who produce to those who don't and handing out beer and smokes to anyone who will vote Democrat.
What did the Republican candidate do when Obama offered up this boneheaded tire inflation plan? McCain ever the moron,agreed with him! Any candidate with a ounce of common sense could have destroyed Obama with the tire inflation gaffe,but McCain as usual put his finger to the wind and jumped on the Titanic.
So when you wonder why any President in his right mind would give the PM of England a Blockbuster set of DVDs,that don't even work on Great Britain TVs, or why he cant seem to talk without a teleprompter,or why he would make fun of the handicapped,or compare US corps to terrorists, or laugh at the huge losses people have taken in the market,never forget Proper Tire Inflation as an Energy Policy,and the media lapped it all up and defended the idiocy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

WSJ continues to connect the Fannie dots

Even though Saturdays WSJ article was about Maxine directing tarp funds to a bank she and her husband have a financial interest in, the real story is now we know why Maxine was so virulent and hostile in her defense of Fannie when Republicans tried to regulate the Democrat party run pubic company early in the decade. She called the investigators,regulators,and Republicans racists for wanting to reign in Fannie's corruption, derivative book,and money losing business practices. Instead of concentrating on how Maxine directed Tarp funds to a company she owns stock in we should looking at her fight to keep Fannie a corrupt and money losing company early in the decade.
Without Fannie there was no reason for any financial institution to make sub prime loans. Why would anyone originate a mortgage to customers who had no ability to pay them pack? Only because Fannie was there to buy them and create a market for them. Everyone in the game knew that you could always off these things on Fannie and if you donated money to Democrats or the party you could make a killing. Why else put a book cooker like Raines in as CEO? Why else put a grifter like Emanuel on the BOD of Freddie? You do it so business can be directed to the proper companies who have either paid you off,donated to the party or entertained you.
We know Dodd and the Countrywide 6 were given sweetheart mortgages for looking the other way as The Tan Man dumped all his sub prime garbage and fraudulent mortgages on the taxpayer backed Fannie. These scoundrels helped destroy US financial system and trillions in personal wealth in return for a few thousand dollars a year in mortgage payments. Now these same crooks are in charge of fixing the system.
This is also why you see Dems attacking Execs and Wall Street,they are hoping to distract the public from who the real thieves are. Today Obama and Congress are attacking AIG for bonuses when in fact Congress gave this money to AIG with no restrictions. Just another example of why Congress can not be trusted with our money. If they aren't stealing it,giving it to supporters,they are losing it through incompetence. How can let these scoundrels have control over any part of our economy given this record of corruption and incompetence?
The Democrat looting of Fannie and Freddie for personal and political wealth is the greatest scandal and most under reported scandal in US History. Why? I have no idea if the media just doesnt understand it or if they know and are covering it up because they support the Dems. Maybe the Republican need to grow a pair and get more vocal on this. The Dems lead the media around by the nose often because they create the most noise. Can you imagine if Republicans were behind a scheme that destroyed trillions in wealth?

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Elegant Appeaser in Chief

Why would Obama return the bust of Winston Churchill,which was a gift to the American people after 9/11,instead of giving it to the Smithsonian or quietly stashing it in storage? Why insult the entire country and the memory of one of the greatest leaders and protectors of freedom in history? Is it because of Great Britain's imperialist history and how they treated people of color over a 100 years ago or was it Great Britain's role in the foundation of Israel,or actions they took in Kenya decades ago? The president seems unable to move beyond race and get on with his new job,which is leading the country forward,not looking back at some injustice from over a 100 year ago. Seems like something Rev Wright might have done. Sure seems as if Obama was paying a lot more attention to the 20 years of Rev Wright sermons he sat through than he claims.

Then to add injury to insult he gave our best and only reliable ally a 25 DVD movie set from Blockbuster. Does he not realize that these movies are also shown in Great Britain? Surely no one experienced in White House protocol selected this shabby gift ? Didn't Sean Penn call Obama an elegant man at this year's Academy Awards Ceremony,maybe he was referring to the manner in which Obama reads from his ever present teleprompter? Giving the PM of our oldest and most trusted ally a Blockbuster Movie Set is as far from elegant as one can get. Either Obama hates the British or he is clueless on protocol relating to visiting heads of state. Does Obama not realize that Brown has seen all these movies as have most people in the world? Does Obama know that Brown is going blind? Maybe it was a practical joke? Can anyone imagine if Bush or any Republican has insulted not only Britain but the US is such a manner? The mainstream media would be having a field day and the comedians would be lampooning them. But the US media barely mentions these disgraceful acts.

This embarrassing episode follows Obama's first attempt at international intrigue in which he offered to throw the Czechs and Pols underneath the bus if Russia would handle the free worlds Iran problem. Huh? Has this guy been reading history or know anything of current events? Russia loves Iran and the misery it causes the US. Why does Obama think they they are aiding Iran? Seems Obama put his offer in writing rather than the time tested method of sending a secret emissary to test the waters before committing to dumping on the Czechs and Pols. Now the Pols and Czechs know we are not to be trusted and our enemies Russia and Iran have been given evidence that supports what they already knew, Obama is a weak and naive leader who will choose appeasement on issues of national security or when confronted.

As each day goes by it becomes more apparent Obama and his team are not ready for prime time or day time. We still wait for details on the banking plan that Tiny Tim Geitner and Obama have promised on numerous occasions and this we week learned Obama thinks the stock market is a tracking poll. He is right on one thing,our educational system is to blame for many of the present problems. How did this guy graduate or even get into Harvard and who would vote for a guy who has never had a real job in his life,never managed,never led,never crafted legislation,and rarely showed up for work as State senator or US senator,which for the record are not real jobs.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

President in Training

The bailouts are actually prolonging and making the recession worse.The market began to tank before the bailouts.
The real cracks in the Dow started to show when the Dem congress announced they would not renew the Bush tax cuts. Check the charts.We really don't know yet if Obama is an imbecile or a socialist tyrant bent on destroying capitalism. He really has no experience or exposure to capitalism,he has never held a real job,his background is in facilitating handouts to people who will vote for his party and trading smokes for votes, so maybe he just doesn't know any better. On the other hand he did spend over 20 years at the knee of Rev Wright and in his first book called him a great influence on his life. To me his policies seem more borne of Rev Wright than ignorance and I don't know which is scarier. Was his idiotic comment on Las Vegas intentional or the gaffe of a lifetime. Someone tell this rockhead Las Vegas employs more people than the auto industry in Detroit that still manufactures junk. Someone tell him Las Vegas is the most economical place for companies to have meetings. Do we have any numbers yet on how many people lost their jobs in Vegas because of his comments? I am sure the mainstream media will have them any day now.He has packed his cabinet with people who have no experience in private business but tons of expertise in gaming our political system,avoiding taxes,lobbying,and enriching themselves at mysterious jobs(emanuel). Their only experience is in government, a government that is broken and the cause of most of our economic problems.Where is the opposition party? The ever gutless Republicans are again doing their best to go along to get along,so they wont be called racists or lampooned by national media.Its time the republican party purge their ranks of moderates like Snow,Collins,McCain,and Spector. We need people of principle not those looking for TV face time or pork. One of the reasons the Democrat party is so far to the left today is W and Republicans pushed them there by taking up many of the old Dem party themes. The only way to bring the country and Dem party back from the edge of tyranny is for the Republican Party to become fiscally responsible again.

Republicans have only one chance

After hearing that Obama paid off the guy who instigated the phony troopergate investigation of Palin during the campaign with a job in a federal agency yesterday, I am convinced the Republicans only hope of becoming a relevant opposition again is to take a little advice from Sean Connery's character Malone in the Untouchables.

Malone: You said you wanted to get Capone. Do you really wanna get him? You see what I'm saying is, what are you prepared to do? Ness: Anything within the law. Malone: And *then* what are you prepared to do? If you open the can on these worms you must be prepared to go all the way. Because they're not gonna give up the fight, until one of you is dead. Ness: I want to get Capone! I don't know how to do it. Malone: You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That's* the *Chicago* way! And that's how you get Capone. Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that? I'm offering you a deal. Do you want this deal? Ness: I have sworn to capture this man with all legal powers at my disposal and I will do so. Malone: Well, the Lord hates a coward.

Monday, March 2, 2009

387- 240

Another absolute slaughter by Martha. I can't take many more of these merciless beatings, I have to find a way to at least be competitive. Most of the mindless three letter words on the board are mine.